Human Capital Advisory & Training

At PAC, our business is to help you as a partner define, put the right structures in place and harness the potential of your Human Capital. We do this by supporting you to focus on their development and delivering services that truly target them as an integral element of your organization.

Our value addition to your business will include but not limited to;

  • Talent Acquisition (Recruitment and Selection)
  • Job Analysis and Evaluation
  • Organization design (Organization Capability Assessment)
  • Payroll Management and HR Outsourcing Services
  • Restructuring and outplacement management
  • Performance management
  • New and existing staff Assessment and Development
  • Human Resource policies development and review
  • Employee Engagement, company polls and staff satisfaction surveys;
  • Talent Management, career planning, coaching and mentoring services
  • Learning & Development
    • Executive Development Training
    • Management Development Training
    • Corporate Governance Training
    • Customer service Training
    • Human Resources Management
  • Team Building through experiential learning