A Holistic Approach to Organization Development

Our aim at PAC is to work together with our partners to increase their effectiveness and business health. We know that business structures and processes affect workers behaviour and levels of motivation. Through our diagnostic tools, we advise our clients on best business approaches including but not limited to a look at the organization structure, review of the processes, culture diagnostics, strategy review, work climate survey, task analysis, systems, individual and organization performance, management practices and the leadership status.

We aim to introduce to you a systematic change in employee attitudes, beliefs and values through the formation and strengthening of long term training programs. Once we analyze the current business situation, we review your future business requirements and employ techniques of behavioral science to model staff behaviours. We do not stop until we conduct transactional analysis to understand the day to day processes in your business. Our aim in understanding your business inside out is to enable us advise you on how best to adopt to the dynamic business environment.

We also offer unique governance design, operations review, governance compliance, board effectiveness reviews and enterprise risk management advisory.