A Programme to Develop Internal Workplace Culture Transformation Experts- (An international training programme from Hofstede Insights)

Background: Managing Culture Is Important
Several studies show that culture issues in the workplace pose significant challenges for businesses. For instance, responses from recent studies conducted by Columbia Business School and Duke University’s Fuqua School of Business, involving 2,000 CEOs and CFOs, showed that:
• over 90% agreed with the statement: “Culture is important at our firm”;
• over 92% said “Improving corporate culture would increase value”; yet
• only 15% said “Our own corporate culture is ‘exactly’ where it needed to be”

Corporate Culture Ambassador Course
Course Description
This course aims to create “Corporate Culture Ambassadors” – internal change agents, who through their awareness of the meaning and importance of culture in the workplace, will lead the workplace culture transformation of their respective units and across the entire Organisation.
Course Objectives
At the end of this programme, we expected participants to be able to:
• define the term “culture”;
• explain and differentiate between national cultures and organisational cultures;
• explain the Hofstede 6-D Model for national cultures and implications in the workplace;
• describe the impact of culture on communication, especially in the workplace;
• distinguish between functional & dysfunctional organisational cultures;
• explain how organisational culture develops, is measured and aligned to strategy; and
• describe how they will effectively lead change in the organisation through culture

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